A Facebook correspondent tells me the news from the Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner wasn’t all good. A robber was lurking outside an after-party on Main Street,  The note I received:

I was robbed in front of South On Main along with my wife. 4 or 5 others where robbed by the same person in the span of less than 30 min. Had a gun shoved in my face. All they got was my wallet. I live in Quapaw and love Soma. It’s just a shame. Probably should have been some security with that many people coming and going to the JJ after Dark party

Black male in a red truck. In late 20s. 5’7-5’9.

I have a CCL. Not that it would have helped. Guy  had me dead to rights from first moment. A CCL will not save your life when someone has the drop on you. Better to just give up the stuff and live another day

I was not carrying my gun because we where heading to a bar.

Too many guns and not enough hope…the new American dream

Hate that we have to live in a society that makes me want to carry a gun. Any given Sunday it is 50/50 your going to lose a gun fight. I am sad that this guy felt like he needed to rob me. He deserves so much more out of life than that

I’ve asked police for further details.