THV 11 reports
that 13 alligators were stolen from the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo in Hot Springs early Saturday morning.

All but one of the animals were under a year old, says manager Jamie Bridges — but one was older and three feet long.  Who might steal a baker’s dozen of alligators, or for what purpose, is unknown:


“I’m afraid they might get scared to have them and just throw them out somewhere. They’re like our babies. We want them back,” said Bridges.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission told THV11 that it’s a $1,000 fine to have an alligator in your possession without a permit.

The news station provides grainy security footage of two figures leaping a short fence into an enclosure to grab the alligators. Bridges unhappily narrates the action as the tape plays.

“They’re in there right now putting those babies in those bags. They’ve got masks on. It looks like they’ve got camouflage suits … Then he jumps into the other pen. You’re gonna see him wrasslin’ with an alligator. Picks it up, puts in a sack there.”


“Jumps over … and they’re gone,” he concludes