I watched better than half of the Benghazi hearing yesterday that spanned 11 hours. My take:

The Republican-led witch hunt gave Hillary Clinton a high-profile platform to display just how qualified she is to be president. Brains, poise and command of mountains of information were on display. Could you imagine Trump or Carson faced with a similarly hostile group of questioners?


Philosophical and political considerations might well lead voters to choose someone else for president. But yesterday’s hearing shouldn’t be a disqualifier. CNN headlined it this way: “Marathon Benghazi hearing leaves Hillary Clinton largely unscathed” Politico, no great admirer of Clinton, headlined: “Clinton emerges stronger for next phase of campaign” Another headline said it was “Hillary’s best week yet.” Fox News headline:  “Media buzz: Partisan atmosphere undermined hearing, helped Hillary”

Some Republicans were scathed. What is it with Repubs and Sidney Blumenthal?


PS — Conservative commentators thought the hearing was a bust.