Here’s the open line and today’s roundup of news comment. Plus:

* 911 CALLS SOUGHT: Matt Campbell, the Little Rock lawyer who writes the Blue Hog Report blog that delves frequently into public official conduct, is pressing a Freedom of Information Act request with the Hot Springs Police Depatment over an initial refusal to release tapes of 911 calls made on the July 24 death of Thomas Naramore, the 18-month-old son of Circuit Judge Wade Naramore. The child’s death was heat-related, apparently from being left in his father’s car for an extended period on a hot day. Proseucting Attorney Scott Ellington of Jonesboro was named special prosecutor, but has not yet reached a decision on whether a criminal charge will be filed in the case. The law allows secrecy for information in ongoing investigations, but Campbell contends that doesn’t mean a blanket exemption for calls to police before an investigation has begun. He argues that would be the case here. Multiple calls to 911 may have been made, however. Campbell has said he’ll sue if police and the prosecutor don’t relent and release the tape.


UPDATE: Campbell did file the FOI suit.