Leslie Peacock is with the standing room only crowd at the Clinton Center hearing a discussion before the City Board about the Interstate 30 10-lane project.

(Oh, it’s not 10 lanes, the highway department shills say disingenuously. It’s a six-lane freeway with two collector lanes in each direction. Hmmm. Old-style math adds that up to 10.)


Sorry to say the city did NOT arrange for TV from the Clinton center.

The Highway Department is playing nice in public — talking process and openness. In private, I’ve been hearing, they are playing political hardball and describing opposition as futile and stupid. As the arrogant department usually does. Perhaps a lawsuit will change their attitude.


Leslie will have more.

* IN KENTUCKY: Republcan Matt Bevin was elected governor. He’s been tricky about it, but he’s an Obamacare foe and has talked about doing away with the very successful Kentucky version of Medicaid expansion. Bevin was an unalloyed backer, too, of Kim Davis, the clerk who needs no U.S. Constitution when it comes to discriminating against gay people. Will Bevin throw 400,000 off Medicaid, or keep the program and jack the poor around to the maximum extent possible, along the lines of the developing Arkansas model.


* IN HOUSTON: Voters have a referendum on a civil rights ordinance. It started with broad support, including major corporate endorsements. But the anti-gay church crowd, with help of money from a famously virulent homophobe, is now thought likely to prevail in overturning the ordinance on, what else, the bogus man-in-the-woman’s-restroom argument. No results yet.