HAPPY DAY: Marissa Pavan last week with new birth certificate. She and Terrah Pavan were plaintiffs in a suit seeking amendmed birth certificates for same-sex parents. Michael Hibblen/KUAR

The state Health Department has expanded its policy on issuing amended birth certificates to same-sex parents.

Last week, the agency issued birth certificates only to plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the refusal to issue birth certificates to same-sex parents. Judge Tim Fox ordered that the plaintiffs be issued certificates immediately. Attoney General Leslie Rutledge is continuing to fight the ruling.


But today the Health Department issued this statement:

After further review of Judge Fox’s order, we have decided to issue amended birth certificates to same-sex couples who can show that they were married before the birth of their child. This may change depending on the Arkansas Supreme Court’s decision on ADH’s request for a stay. Because this is a legal matter that continues to develop, this is all the information we have to share at this time.