From Huffington Post a report on TLC Channel General Manager Nancy Daniels’ remarks to TV critics about the cable channel’s Duggar troubles in 2015.

Canceling the “19 and Counting” reality series about the huge Arkansas family after emergence of the Josh Duggar molestattion story cost the network big bucks. Daniels says its response — to do subsequent specials on sisters and sexual abuse — was appropriate and carefully considered.  (I’d note that, incidentally, it also maintained the Duggar brand, if not including Josh).


When asked how the network reacted to learning of Josh’s past and if it raised concerns about their screening process during casting, Daniels cited a documentary on child abuse, which aired in August, and the three-part special that focused on sisters Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, whom were both molested by their brother, as the network’s response.

“These are people who had something happening in their lives a long time ago,” she said. “We took the show off the air and immediately connected with two well-respected agencies to figure out the appropriate response. And one of those responses was the documentary to put the word out about a situation that doesn’t really get talked about.”

Do you sense TLC still sees commercial opportunities in the Duggars? Sure.

The three-part special focusing on the Duggar sisters was watched by more than three million people.

“The audience clearly cares about these girls,” she said, before going on to say that they are “still talking and considering” more episodes focused on the sisters, but haven’t made any decisions yet.