Led by Texas, 11 states have sued the federal government in Texas over President Obama’s reminder that the law says transgender students are protected by non-discrimination law, including in using bathrooms aligned with their gender.

Early coverage doesn’t answer these questions that come immediately to mind:


1) What is the cause of legal action against a reminder of the law (call it guidance, a directive or whatever)? As yet, the government hasn’t cut off money to any school that discriminates against transgender students. The lawsuit says the president’s statement “could cause seismic changes” in school districts.

2) Is Arkansas involved? Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has rushed to join Republican dogma suits all over the United States on other topics. UPDATE: Arkansas is not currently a plaintiff, according to a copy of the suit posted by the Washington Post.


3) If Arkansas is not involved, why not? Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Rutledge have already urged school officials in Arkansas to ignore the law.

UPDATE: From Judd Deere, Rutledge’s spokesman:


Arkansas is not part of the Texas lawsuit at this time. The Attorney General is still evaluating the best legal option for the state.