Check out the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for all the details of the highly smelly matter of state Rep. Micah Neal’s decision to drop out of the race for county judge.

By law, Neal’s dropout for his initially stated reason — devoting more time to his restaurant business and family — wouldn’t allow the Republican Party to name a replacement at the ballot for this late date. Moving out of the district would be a different matter. So, having been informed of the law, Neal is now arranging a move out of the district in time to provide cover for Republicans to call a convention to replace him as nominee against Democrat Mark Kinion. But wait, there’s an internal Republican division that an effort is afoot to stack the vote if a convention is held.


What is the old saying: Power corrupts ….. Questions remain:

Why did Neal decide not to seek re-election to the legislature?


Why did he drop out of the race for county judge?

Whose baggage is being carried on Republican machinations for a successor?


Will Neal really MOVE out of the district by the required date — furniture, family and all? And how long will he live in that new home in another district? Is a legal challenge possible of this obviously dubious excuse?