DEBATE PROTESTERS: At the door at Dillard. Twitter/Kevin Frey

They had a debate
for six of the U.S. Senate candidates in Louisiana tonight at historically black Dillard University in New Orleans (led by the former president of Philander Smith, Walter Kimbrough.)

David Duke, Protesters who didn’t want Duke on campus were pepper sprayed, Shouting matches erupted, Duke inveighed against the Jews.  It was not a proud sight.


Want a quick-take flavor? Follow the Twitter string #lasen.

Three of the six candidates support Donald Trump. Trump, of course,  helped give rise to the nativist atmosphere that encouraged the re-emergence of David Duke from the pond scum in which he dwells.

Kimbrough, who encouraged some provocative debates at Philander, wasn’t happy about the polling that determined which of more than 20 candidates could appear in the debate. David Duke just slipped in with the required 5 percent showing in a poll commissioned by Raycom, the media sponsor. Other polls have shown Duke with lower numbers. The Advocate reported:


“Pretty clear polling rigged as (Donald) Trump would say for ratings,” Kimbrough said in a tweet. “Any protests become part of reality show masquerading as news #WakeUp”.

Kaitlin Marone, a standup comedian in New Orleans who grew up in Little Rock and who qualified for the Senate race, was not among the six making it onto the stage tonight. All kidding aside, she is eminently more qualified than David Duke.