Campaign talk is easy. Delivery on promises is always harder.

Look at the front pages today.


Donald Trump says he may want to keep parts of Obamacare.

Workers at a Carrier plant in Indiana headed to Mexico seem to expect Trump to impose a tariff — or do something — to prevent the loss of their jobs. He’d made their plight a centerpiece of economic campaigning.  Sounds like the jobs are gone. Workers say they’ll forsake Trump if that happens. They’ll have to wait four years to express their unhappiness in a tangible way.


Undocumented immigrant college students — the DREAMERs protected by executive order — are nervous about mass deportation.

LGBT people are afraid; Trump’s domestic policy leader believes sexual orientation is a choice curable by therapy. He blamed a 2014 mass shooting on same-sex marriage.


A climate-denier is leading the EPA transition.

Newt Gingrich said that wall thing was just a gimmick (particularly the part about Mexico paying), though it would be hellacious ($25 billion) jobs project. If only we had the money after tax cuts and more defense spending.

Truth is, Trump will be more popular if he does NOT fully deliver on everything he said during the campaign.

For example: Will he lock her up? That was another promise: Prosecuting Hillary Clinton. His fans cheered this one lustily.