POLICE RESPOND: To one of many calls at shopping malls around the country on Monday. KTHV

Put a bunch of people together post-Christmas in crowded shopping malls and what do you have? A lot of police calls, is what, some based on little more than social media rumor mongering.

Here’s a report from KTHV on calls around the country to reports of disturbances at shopping malls.


A flurry of reports of mall melees and disturbances rippled across social media Monday on a day Americans swarmed shopping hubs for post-holiday bargains. Disturbances that led to some malls being evacuated included reports from Elizabeth, N.J.; Fayetteville, N.C.; East Garden City, N.Y.; Aurora, Colo.; Tempe, Ariz.; Beachwood Place, a suburb of Cleveland; and Memphis.

It appears there were some fights and disturbances, but also a number of erroneous reports about gunfire.

Little Rock was not immune. Reports proliferated on Facebook and elsewhere last night about a shopping center shooting. It wasn’t true, but became so widespread that Little Rock police  distributed this message on Twitter:


#Urgent NO one was shot and NO shots were heard from officers at Park Plaza. All of the reports on SM of an active shooter are FALSE!