Speaking of medical marijuana, quite a report last night from KARK’s Drew Petrimoulx.

Sen. Jason Rapert is willing to get creative to try to alter or stop the medical marijuana law, a constitutional amendment approved by voters in November. One idea that is apparently making the rounds at the Capitol is to ban smoking medical marijuana.


“There’s no other medication that I’ve been presented with that said you take the medication and smoke it,” Rapert said. “Smoking is bad for you. We’ve spent millions, hundreds of millions on tobacco cessation programs.”

Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson
opposed the amendment but nevertheless expressed skepticism about the scheme. “I think there’s a lot better ways to deliver medicine than smoking a plant, but I think the people spoke,” Hutchinson said.

Rapert also told Petrimoulx he plans to sponsor a bill to delay the medical marijuana program as long as federal laws banning marijuana remain on the books.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge
, as we noted earlier, issued an opinion yesterday that the legislature is mandated to enact the law, now part of the Arkansas constitution.