The Arkansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-funded political organization intent on advancing the interests of wealthy corporations, particularly those that burn fossil fuel, has released a rating of Arkansas legislators based on 13 pieces of legislation.

Check it out.


If your legislator gets an F, as my state representative did, you are lucky. Because an F from the Kochs means an A for humanity.

An A by my lights — and an F for the Koch billionaires — is a legislator who:


* Supported legislation to level the sales tax playing field between local retailers and Internet merchants who aren’t required to collect the sales taxes due on their business.

* Opposed legislation to make it all but impossible to sue for medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and other corporate damages and, at the same time, devalues the life of children and the elderly. (aka “tort reform.”)


* Supported an earned income tax credit for low-income working people, a boon to the economy and fundamental tax fairness.

* Opposed a school voucher bill (disguised as an education scholarship program). It’s actually a scheme to let rich people designate their state income taxes for the support of private schools, not general public services.

* Opposed destruction of the Medicaid expansion that has brought health security to more than 300,000 additional Arkansans, not to mention other benefits.

 * Supported a user-based tax to finance highway construction (though in my case I’m happy to have a broader discussion about whether the state has taken on too much highway maintenance historically).


* Opposed contractor-backed legislation that meant the end of higher wages for laborers on government construction jobs.

* Opposed putting limits on when special and school elections can be held. This was intended to make it harder to pass taxes under the presumption that general election voters are more likely to be anti-tax than special election voters.

I might be on the side of the Kochs on the phase-out of one of many corporate welfare laws on the Arkansas books.

Here’s a direct link to the scorecard. Remember an AFP F is excelletn work. Here’s an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

To get an idea, here’s the basket of deplorables in the Senate, lawmakers who got an A+ rating for perfect AFP scores: Cecile Bledsoe, Scott Flippo, Trent Garner, Bart Hester, Missy Irvin, Blake Johnson, Jason Rapert and Greg Standridge.

In the House, the basket of deplorable perfection holds Sonia Barker, Mickey Gates, Robin Lundstrom, Austin McCollum, John Payton and Aaron Pilkington.

There are a lot of other A scores, as you’d guess in a Republican legislature, but only the above perfectly awful ones.