VICTIM'S FAMILY: A cousin and father of an Italian man slain Sunday in Little Rock met reporters at the Clinton National Airport. KARK/Fox 16

Police are saying very little about the circumstances of the fatal shooting Sunday night of Carlo Marigliano, 31, a visitor from Naples, Italy said to be traveling around the U.S. as a tourist and considering a permanent move to the states.

Marigliano was shot and fatally wounded while driving in west Little Rock. He crashed into a building on North Shackleford. No suspects have been identified. If police have an idea why he was shot, they are not saying.


KARK/Fox 16 interviewed arriving family members at the Little Rock airport. They say he planned extensive travels around the U.S., but said they knew of no one he might know in Little Rock.

Reporters talked extensively with Marigliano’s cousin, who lives in the U.S. and interpreted for Marigliano’s father. They say they have no information about what happened. “There’s hope that this was a mistake but we believe probably it was not,” Marigliano’s cousin said. “We’re hoping to get answers. We’ve not gotten any answers to date from the police.”


The cousin noted that Facebook comments in Italy have noted the string of homicides in Little Rock of late.