DecARcerate, a grassroots community group dedicated to “uniting communities against mass incarceration in Arkansas,” has announced a new director, Zachary Crow, who will work the role part-time.

A Little Rock native, Crow “is a freelance journalist and filmmaker and has extensive experience advocating for incarcerated individuals, and working against mass incarceration and the death penalty on the grassroots level,” according to the press release.


Crow was a volunteer for decARcerate before taking the position.

He told me that decARcerate will focus on four big areas: juvenile justice, bond reform, prosecutor accountability and ending the death penalty.


To tackle these issues, Crow said, “decARcerate has put a lot of focus towards the legislature in this past session and is always tracking policy and so we’ll certainly continue that.” He will also be doing media and volunteer coordination.

This is the first time decARcerate has had a paid employee.