FACE IN THE CROWD: An Arkansas T-shirt is getting wide attention on social media in Arkansas. Twitter

A display of torch lit bigotry that began with a white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Va., last night didn’t get any play in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning, but I suspect it will be more prominent in the Sunday edition.

The demonstration by white supremacists, alt-righters, neo-Nazis and others continued today. Clashes with counter-demonstrators turned violent. Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared an emergency and deployed the National Guard to disperse the nationalists. It got much worse. A car plowed into a group of anti-racist demonstrators. One person was killed and 19 people were injured. The driver of the car is in custody. Full coverage and photograph of the car plowing into the marchers can be found at the Daily Progress, the local newspaper.

From the New York Times:

Witnesses said a crowd of counterdemonstrators, jubilant because the white nationalists had left, was moving up Fourth Street, near the mall, when a gray sports car came down the road and accelerated, mowing down several people and hurling at least two in the air.

“It was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Robert Armengol, who was at the scene reporting for a podcast he hosts with students at the University of Virginia. “After that it was pandemonium. The car hit reverse and sped and everybody who was up the street in my direction started running.”

Donald Trump tweeted about events, but avoided condemnation of the white nationalists, seeming to blame all for a provocative event planned nationwide for months.


Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson did himself proud by comparison with the leader of  the Republican Party.

Speaking of Arkansas: Razorback colors and Arkansas’s name were on display by one marcher in the tiki torch parade, according to the photo above, which is getting circulation on Twitter accounts in Arkansas.  If he is an Arkie and this isn’t a Photoshop to embarrass our enlightened state (or, to the contrary, to demonstrate we’re part of Trump’s base), fine. He, of course, has a constitutional right to show his rear. Woo Pig!


The UA issued a statement via Twitter by UA Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz:

Diversity & inclusion are @Uarkansas values. Not this. We value free speech but condemn hatred, violence & white supremacy. #Charlottesville”

Also from media relations:

“Fostering an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion is a top priority at the University of Arkansas and this image is not a reflection of our university’s values,” 

Other Arkies were careful. Tough-talking Tom Cotton was nowhere to be found.

* John Boozman refused to single anyone out: “The violence & hatred in #Charlottesville is unacceptable. Bigotry has no place in our society. We solve our problems by working together.”


* Leslie Rutledge, likewise: “The Good Book teaches us to come now, and let us reason together. Violence and hate are not the answer. Praying for #Charlottesville.”

Silence on social media also from Rep. French Hill of Little Rock. Hard call. White nationalists? People who oppose bigotry? Those surrounding white-flight counties decide his race for Congress. What you think he going to do?

But really, you’d think Tom Cotton could have at least emulated namby pamby Rutledge and Boozman by issuing some sacharin talk abou reasoning together, as if there’s equivalency between naked, angry bigotry and equal rights. Of course, he’s the author of the anti-immigration bill, so ….

A couple of tweets that grabbed my attention — one horrifying, one with a bit of dark humor from a recent Democratic candidate for Virginia governor: