WORK CONTINUES ON BRIDGE: Expected to last into September. Brian Chilson

An update from the Arkansas Department of Transportation on Broadway Bridge work, which continues though the span is now open to traffic.

Work continues on a bike path on the North Little Rock side of the Arkansas River and on a ramp linking the pedestrian/bike path on the bridge to Riverfront Park in Little Rock. Some painting continues as well on the bridge structure and a great deal of construction equipment, particularly on barges, must be disassembled and moved.


Danny Straessle of DOT said the work like will continue at least until mid-September. This is well beyond the original June 4 end date, but Straessle said some change orders on the work had extended the time period.

Meanwhile, Straessle said another problem has arisen that’s puzzling the department — large amounts of litter turning up nightly on the bike/pedestrian lane (shown below). He said the department has received complaints and is cleaning up regularly. It’s unclear if this is litter of those using the path or motorists on the bridge.