A group of Little Rock legislators (not all of them, only Democrats so far) has organized a town hall meeting on the Little Rock School District from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday in the Old Supreme Court chamber at the state Capitol.

The details, in a state Senate release:


The meeting will be hosted by Senators Joyce Elliott, Linda P. Chesterfield and Will Bond, as well as Representatives Fredrick Love, Warwick Sabin, Charles Blake, Clarke Tucker John Walker and Fred Allen.

All legislators who represent the Little Rock School District were invited to host and others may be added later as they confirm.

State Board of Education of Education members Jay Barth, Charisse Dean, Fitz Hill and Ouida Newton have confirmed. Commissioner Johnny Key, Superintendent Michael Poore and members of the Community Advisory Board will attend.

The purpose of the town hall meeting is to discuss the present and future state of the Little Rock School District. This will be the first opportunity for many people to meet with state board members. Please spread the word, show up, participate, learn and share.

Entrance to the Capitol is on the east side, through the tunnel entrance, where there is a metal detector. The Old Supreme Court Room is on the second floor at the south end of the building.

Question 1: When do Little Rock voters get their school district back?

Question 2: Why do state board members and the department continue to approve new charter schools for a district oversupplied with seats, making substantial progress and offering all, if not more, of the sorts of things promised by charter school organizations with mixed track records.


Question 3: Could we get a Walton Family Foundation-paid participant on the panel, since that organization holds so much influence over state decisions?