Bretyia Ashae Jordan

An Arkansas State Trooper and a North Little Rock Police officer were injured after their cars collided in North Little Rock Monday night as the trooper was pursuing a stolen car.

Arkansas Online has more details.


Arkansas State Police Corporal Jeffery Plouch started pursuing a stolen Pontiac G6 last night around 10 p.m., with the chase continuing through Little Rock, over the river and into North Little Rock. As the car ran a red light at Main and E. 13th Streets, Plouch’s cruiser collided with a car driven by North Little Rock officer John Yates. Yates was reportedly not involved in the pursuit. Both officers were hurt.

Police later arrested Bretyia Ashae Jordan, 18, of North Little Rock, who police say was the driver of the Pontiac. Jordan has been charged with theft of property, two counts of second degree battery, fleeing in a vehicle and other charges. She is currently being held without bail.