More evidence in the Washington Post that voter ID laws suppress votes, particularly among groups likely to vote Democratic. And the evidence is from Wisconsin, where a microscopic victory gave Donald Trump that state’s electoral votes.

On Monday, a new study shed some light on the extent of the law’s effect. University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Kenneth Mayer paired with Dane County (Wis.) Clerk Scott McDonell to ask people registered to vote in two counties, Dane and Milwaukee, what kept them from voting in 2016.

The result? Some 16,800 people in the two counties said they didn’t vote because they believed they lacked the proper identification or because they were actually turned away at the polling place. Given margins of error, the number could be as high as 23,000 — about as many votes as Trump’s margin of victory.

In moments of candor, Republicans HAVE and would admit that this is precisely what voter ID laws were intended to do. Evidence of identity fraud — the nominal excuse — is virtually non-existent.