The U.S. Senate today is moving through a batch of nominations by Donald Trump for government positions and they included that of Cody Hiland of Conway to be U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. No objections had been raised during a speedy approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Patrick Harris, a career prosecutor, has been serving as interim U.S. attorney since the previous political appointee, Chris Thyer, stepped down. The former Democratic legislator was appointed by Barack Obama and new administrations customarily put their own people in place. Hiland is a prosecuting attorney. They now run in nonpartisan elections, but he is a Republican and made an unsuccessful race for Court of Appeals last year.


The prosecutor is based in Little Rock and covers 41 counties. A presidential nomination has been made — Dak Kees — but not confirmed for the Western District.

KATV reported that Hiland was confirmed on unanimous consent.