BIRTH CONTROL: Trump attacks it with junk science to defend end of coverage mandate.

Birth control is health care, and not only for family planning. Women understand that, even if Donald Trump doesn’t in ending a mandate for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Trump would let employers opt out of providing coverage if they had religious or moral objections. In the process, it justified the policy change with junk science, including asserting that a morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy is equivalent to an abortion when science indicates it merely prevents fertilization of an egg. The Trump administration also tries to dispute the widely accepted fact that birth control reduces unwanted pregnancy. And then there’s the idea that birth control encourages promiscuity.


Science? Facts? Who needs them? The religious conservative end of Donald Trump’s base demands control over women’s bodies and he’s happy to oblige. The junk science is just a smoke screen.

More here from Mother Jones on Trump’s junk birth control science. It’s the leading edge of the “personhood” movement and bodes ill in large ways, including but not limited to, full legal rights for zygotes.