MAYOR STODOLA: Defends objections to rap show Brian Chilson

Mayor Mark Stodola sent a response this evening to criticism here and by election opponent  Frank Scott about his opposition to a rap show scheduled last Friday at the Metroplex. The promoter canceled the show by Money Bagg Yo Thursday night amid city objections though Police Chief Kenton Buckner had indicated he’d resolved initial concerns about the adequacy of security.

Stodola’s statement:


As for your comments about prior restraint, my position as it relates to “Moneybags-Yo” is that it has nothing to do with the genre of the music or the content of the lyrics. It has everything to do with the performer’s propensity to prompt violence. He has been involved with 3 previous shootings, one where a person was murdered,and another where they missed him in a drive by but injured his body guards. Additionally, he has a well known dispute with Finesse 2 Times the performer at the Power Ultra Lounge. Also, There is no way to guarantee safety in the large parking lots of the Metroplex.That taken in the context of the shooting in July at least gives a reasonable basis to ask a court to consider whether the event should be allowed. This was the nature of the discussion I was having with Tom Carpenter as reported in the paper. This conduct has nothing to do with his 1st amendment rights and in my opinion is at least prudent for some court to consider. As for Jason Aldean or any other singer of any genre, if they had previously been involved in 3+ shootings at their concerts I would feel the same way. Obviously, it was not necessary to consider this option since Clear Channel elected to cancel the show on their own volition.They did that without any threat from the city.

It is regrettable that Frank Scott weighed in on this matter for political reasons. His language shows his naivety and inexperience about public safety concerns in LR what it takes to be a leader and make the tough decisions.