Twenty-eight mental health professionals have written Gov. Asa Hutchinson for mercy for Jack Greene, scheduled to be killed by the state Nov. 9 for his capital murder conviction.

The letter says Greene should be spared because of “extreme mental illness.” They note that no independent hearing has been held to assess his competency. The decision has been made by state Correction Department officials.


Greene’s attorneys are currently arguing the issue in state court. Greene said at a clemency hearing that he was competent. But the doctors say he is delusional.

UPDATE: The American Bar Association has also weighed in with a letter to the governor. It says in part:


“While the ABA does not take a position for or against the death penalty per se, nor is Mr. Greene’s guilt in the tragic murder of Sidney Burnett in dispute, the ABA has significant concerns about whether the death penalty is the appropriate punishment in his case in light of his severe mental illness.”