Not a good day for Sarah Huckabee Sanders or the places that taught her history (looking at you Central High and Ouachita Baptist).

As the Baghdad Bob of the Trump Administration, Sanders again did her duty to defend the indefensible Wednesday, this time  in defense of Chief of Staff John Kelly’s crazy interview in which he said the Civil War could have been avoided if only people had been willing to compromise. There WAS a compromise on slavery, you may have read. It reduced slaves to something less than fully human. But even that wasn’t enough for the traitors of Dixie.


Huckabee propagated the Confederate-friendly mythology, citing documentary maker Ken Burns as a source. Soon after, Burns dealt with the issue curtly on Twitter.


Lord, isn’t Fields right about that? Trump and his enablers have decided to take their stand on the Lost Cause. No wonder. A good third of the country is with them, more in these parts.

Sanders drew criticism from all over and departed her strutting and fretful time on the Civil War stage with reporter April Ryan shouting an unanswered question as she retreated:


Does the president think slavery is wrong?

Perhaps Ryan will get another shot at that pertinent question today. I look forward to hearing the female Huckster lecture on the two sides of slavery.

UPDATE: At the daily press briefing today, Ryan asked her question again. Huckabee at first tried to avoid the issue, but then said it was “disgusting” and “absurd” to say anyone in the Trump administration supported slavery. She declined to “relitigate” Civil War history and her comments about compromise.