DEREGULATED: Home school rules are going away.

Cynthia Howell reports in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today
on what amounts to the coming complete deregulation of home schooling in the state. More than 19,000 were schooled at home in 2015-16.

When the legislature provides the final OK, home schooled students need not be tested. Their parents and guardians need provide no information about what’s being taught or their abilities to teach. Home schoolers can play football or participate in other activities at any real school district they choose.


So my question: If test scores don’t count, how come the state insists on retaining control of the Little Rock School District based on below average (slightly below in some cases) test scores at four of the district’s four dozen schools? Looks like a double standard to me.

Some parents do a fine job home schooling. Some do nothing at all. One measure  can be found in the low scores on standardized tests by students in the so-called virtual charter school that serves essentially as support for home schoolers. But the home schooling (and charter school) accountability train long ago left the station in Arkansas. Parents know best for their kids, the Walton-paid lobbyists and legislators assure us, even those who demonstrably do not.