Since we live in the South and it’s a little below freezing with some rain, we’ve got a slew of mishaps that occurred overnight or this morning.

Entergy is reporting 830 customer outages caused by “strong winds.” You can see a map they posted to Twitter showing the outages.


Then, there’s been a ton traffic back-ups because a portion of I-40 has been closed, a portion of I-30 has been closed, and the eastern half of Arkansas roads are icy. Also, this morning, the Arkansas Department of Transportation server was getting 20,000 hits per minute and the server crashed.

And then, at least in the eastern part of the state, some schools are closing for the day: including Helena-West Helena School District and Jonesboro Public Schools.


Stay safe! Bundle up! Go unnecessarily buy tons of milk and eggs in case the winter storm locks you down forever!