After a proposal to develop the vacant Woodruff school for apartments fell through, the Little Rock School District asked for new proposals and I’ve now received a list of six expressions of interest, which were outlined at a recent neighborhood meeting.

Moses Tucker real estate had been chosen as a buyer with a proposal to redevelop the building on Seventh Street, near Woodrow, for apartments and other uses, but decided it was too expensive.


Superintendent Michael Poore has been trying to find a new proposal so that the school doesn’t become immediately available for charter school use under a new state law aimed at favoring charters to take over public school buildings, whether there’s a need for a charter school or not.

The district has received six proposals, with bids ranging from $80,000 to $500,000, for ideas ranging from apartment development to a possible teardown for apartments and to two proposals for use as “education facilities” — one for martial arts training and autistic children combined and another, by HERE4KIDS, for an education facility for learning disability intervention. HERE4KIDS already exists as a nonprofit to provide services to home school students with special instructional needs, such as dyslexia. It has applied in the past for state approval to open a charter school in North Little Rock and to qualify for participation in the new state voucher program that uses tax-credit financed money to pay for private school tuition for children with special education needs.


I haven’t received the fulfillment of my followup request to LRSD for the actual proposals, which should reveal more details about ownership and backing of the groups seeking the property. But here’s what the district has provided so far:

From a cursory web search: The C Street Group is related to real estate agent Lance Levi. A corporation known as Fairfield Historic Properties turns up in building permits as a developer of, among others, some apartments on Center Street.


More when I have it.