Matt Campbell’s Blue Hog Report has mined public record for an item likely to be the talk of the Capitol today — divorces of two Republican House members, Rep. Laurie Rushing of Hot Springs and Rep. Ken Henderson of Russellville.

In his Twitter post that features a photo from Rushing’s Facebook page, Henderson is the man in center with the goatee; Rushing is standing left of him in photo


Filings in Pope Circuit Court in Henderson’s divorce case, by his wife, allege adultery on his part and questions submitted to him suggest a relationship with Rushing. Henderson has fired back at his wife with questions suggesting his wife had stalked  Rushing and assaulted her at a funeral service.

Rushing’s own divorce was concluded quietly, but Campbell noted a tinge of hypocrisy. She introduced, but failed to pass, legislation in 2017 that would require people to file court documents under full names. She filed for divorce two days after the session ended as “L.J. Rushing.”


Campbell also notes the legislators come from the party of “family values,” a phrase Rushing used often in her campaign advertising, as Blue Hog illustrated:

Male-female relationships in the workplace don’t seem likely to stop making the news anytime soon.


I’ve sent e-mails to Rushing and Henderson asking if they’d care to comment.