KATV reports
that Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner is one of five finalists for the job of police chief in Charleston, S.C., and will be visit Charleston next week as part of the process.

A statement from the LRPD came later:


The Little Rock Police Department has received numerous inquiries today regarding Chief Kenton Buckner being a candidate for the chief of police position in Charleston, South Carolina. We are acknowledging that Chief Buckner is a top five candidate for the position.

To protect the integrity of the process, candidates have been asked not to make any public statements concerning their involvement.. The Little Rock Police Department will not be making a comment regarding this matter.

Buckner’s administration has been under fire lately from some elements of the community as well as the Black Police Officers Association.

Here’s a rundown on other finalists for the job, open because of retirement. One candidate is the current interim chief. Others are deputies in other cities, including Louisville, where Buckner worked before coming to Little Rock. The Charleston force is smaller than that in Little Rock, about 400 officers in 2014 according to a news account, and, as in Little Rock, majority (about 80 percent) white