The White House has declassified the memo by Rep. Devin Nunes, a compilation of cherry-picked facts and conspiracy theories meant to derail the investigation of Donald Trump’s many involvements with Russians, political and business.

It was leaked first to friendly Trump media to fire up his base. Read it here.


The charade includes suppression so far of a Democratic memo that is said to blow holes in the Nunes account. To date, Republicans have blocked its release. #releasethememo

Reports yesterday said Fox’s Sean Hannity had been talking by phone with Trump about the Nunes memo, then a classified document that the FBI has said would be dangerous to national security to release.


Got that? As an analyst observed, Trump and a Fox guy have been talking on an unsecured phone line about classified information. And Hannity and them want Hillary Clinton locked up for the sharing of information among people authorized to see it using a private email server, that nobody has yet demonstrated was compromised.

The leadership of the FBI — Republican named and confirmed and significant Republican campaign contributors all — are out to get Donald Trump, beginning with the guy who arguably threw the election to Trump with his 11th-hour public talk of new evidence (worthless it turned out) in the Hillary Clinton email snipe hunt.


Have any Arkansas Republicans in Congress — participants all in the #releasethememo PR stunt — called for the release of the Democratic memo? Not that I’ve heard. Common Cause summarizes:

Americans deserve the truth about the full scope of the Russia investigation, not a short memo that peddles a Trump transition team member’s selectively-sourced conspiracy theories.

But now that the committee’s GOP-commissioned memo has been released, despite the FBI’s “grave concerns” regarding its accuracy, the Democrats’ memo rebutting it and the material underlying both must be made public immediately.

The truth about the attack on our democracy by a hostile foreign power must not be hidden for partisan gain.

Chairman Nunes has no business anywhere near any investigation involving the administration, let alone pushing the release of a memo FBI Director Christopher Wray roundly condemned for “omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy.”