Here’s an account of early morning votes in Congress to pass budget legislation that ended a brief government shutdown.

Worth noting:


* BLITHERING HYPOCRISY: Sen. Rand Paul held up the Senate vote, noting the hypocrisy of voting to add to the deficit after years of Republican complaints about the deficit. This argument would have had more power had Paul himself not voted to dramatically increase the deficit by joining in voting for the enormous tax cuts for the wealthy (and smaller handouts to less fortunate.) Deficits? Who cares anymore?

* PAUL RYAN’S SORRY LEADERSHIP: The Republican majority was big enough to pass this bill without Democratic votes. Speaker Ryan couldn’t begin to muster it. Seventy-three House Democrats voted for the bill, while 119 voted against it. Among Republicans, 167 supported it and 67 voted no


* NEXT UP: The Dreamers and immigration. Republican leaders in the Senate and House have promised votes, but on what exactly?