Mike Lee, a semi-retired engineer and lawyer, said today that he’ll make a Democratic challenge to Republican Rep. Andy Davis for House District 31 in western Little Rock.

A Hot Springs native and UA engineering grad, Lee returned to Little Rock 20 years ago after working at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. he teaches a products liability course at the UA-Little Rock law school.


Lee outlines a strong platform:

* Support for $10/hr. minimum wage.
* Increased access to pre-K education
* Better pay for teachers.
* More affordable higher education and a bigger state investment in UAMS, UA-Little Rock, and Pulaski Tech
* Affordable health care for “every American.”
* Protection of clean air and water.
* Secure elections from voter intimidation and suppression and cyber-hacking.
* More transparency and closure of loopholes in campaign finance that allow dark money and multiple PACs to influence elections.


From his webpage:

For years, District 31 voters have been fed empty promises by smooth-talking politicians who vow to make our schools better, our healthcare affordable, our right to vote secure, and our paychecks bigger. They take an oath to serve the people, but only look out for special interests, big businesses, and elite campaign donors all the while hardworking Arkansas families struggle to make ends meet

.Davis’ most recent campaign report showed more than $10,000 in contributions, mostly from PACs but also from billionaires Warren Stephens and Jim Walton. He’s in the sewage treatment plant business and has used his legislative seat to guide legislation regulating that business.