A special election to fill the Senate seat held by the late Greg Standridge in the Russellville area has produced a runoff in the Republican primary between starkly different candidates, Bob Bailey and Breanne Davis.

Could be fun. Bailey, a gunmaker, was almost wholly financed by the Conduit for Action network created by the wealthy Fayetteville industrialist, Joe Maynard.  Davis, whose work includes as a lobbyist, stuffed her campaign coffers with contributions from the lobby/corporate complex.


As a Conduit candidate, Bailey naturally opposes the Medicaid expansion in any way shape or form and whether there are sufficient Senate votes to continue it remains an open question. Davis says she’s supportive. So too was Hefley, whose voters might be crucial in the runoff.

The winner faces a Democratic challenger, Teresa Gallegos, who brings a more populist slant to the race. Her money so far has come in small donations, none from PACs.


What if ….. Bailey won the GOP runoff? Would Gov. Asa Hutchinson back Gallegos, a supporter of the Medicaid expansion?