Gwen Combs, one of three Democratic candidates for 2nd District Congress, issued today a tough pro-gun control position, in contrast to Republican incumbent Rep. French Hill of Little Rock, who’s received more money from the NRA than any member of the House.

Said Combs, in a news release in which she noted she was an Air Force veteran qualified to shoot an M-16 and had guns in her home:


Did you know that these days, it’s now easier to buy this semi-automatic rifle than it is to buy a handgun? Did you know that federal law makes it legal to purchase weapons from individuals or at gun shows without being required to have a background check? Did you know that one can legally own an AR-15 three years before being legally able to purchase alcohol? 

She made these specific proposals:

As a congressional candidate, here is what I promise you:

* I will not accept money from the NRA, unlike my opponent, U.S. Representative French Hill, who has taken more money from that organization than any other Representative – $1,089,477, to be exact.

* I will work to end the default-proceed gun sale loophole. All background checks should be completed – and passed – before someone is allowed to possess a gun.

* I also will work to close the gun show loophole where sales by private-party sellers to individuals are concerned.

* I will work to close the “boyfriend loophole,” which allows an unmarried man to continue to own a firearm even if a woman has successfully sought and obtained a restraining order.

* Lastly, I support Senator Diane Feinstein’s Assault Weapon Ban of 2017, which would ban military-style assault weapons, as well as magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. 

Another Democratic candidate, Clarke Tucker, issued a statement yesterday that said it was time to move beyond “thoughts and prayers” to talk about “common sense action” to address gun violence, but didn’t specifically endorse legislation. Paul Spencer has also announced as a Democrat.