If Sarah Huckabee Sanders is Donald Trump’s Baghdad Barbie, spouting implausible statements in support of her boss in the style of Saddam’s Baghdad Bob, then let’s make El Dorado native Hogan Gidley Baghdad Ken.

Gidley, the deputy press secretary, is getting widespread scorn for his statement this weekend in response to the indictment of Russians for mounting a fraudulent social media campaign to help elect Trump. It followed the Trump talking point that the only thing that matters is Trump, not national security.


“What the Russians were trying to do, as outlined by Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, was create chaos in the American election system,” Gidley said.

“And I will just say this: There are two groups that have created chaos more than the Russians, and that’s the Democrats and the mainstream media, who continued to push this lie on the American people for more than a year — and quite frankly Americans should be outraged by that.”

Got that? The Democratic Party and news media pose more of a threat to the American way of life than Russia. Fox News, where Gidley uttered this Saturday, naturally lapped up Gidley’s defense of Russia. RT, the Russian-government-backed news outlet, gave Gidley big attention, too.  Non-Russian reporters weren’t so impressed.

Trump certainly will be happy with Gidley’s latest. He already was reportedly pleased with the Arkie’s work, the Democrat-Gazette reported over the weekend.


Meanwhile, in the reality-based world, Trump’s national security advisor H.R. McMaster said in a speech in Munich that the evidence of Russian election meddling is irrefutable. That brought a late-night Twitter blast from the deranged pussy grabber, one of a stream.


How did he forget Benghazi?