Between Moms Demand Action and mobilization of young people nationwide, the gun control movement has been jump-started to the discomfort of many politicians. But there IS another side.

For example, the Northeast Arkansas Friends of the NRA will convene at 5:30 p.m. tonight at the Nettleton Baptist Church Fairgrounds in Jonesboro. It’s not free. The basic ticket costs $15 for young people and $25 for adults, with other packages available that include dinner and raffle tickets on gun giveaways. Top package, as you can see from the flyer, includes a chance to win a semi-automatic rifle of the sort much in the news these days for its effective non-sporting use.


A Jonesboro law enforcement officer called the event to my attention. We briefly discussed Moms Demand Action. I wonder if they have a chapter in Jonesboro? UPDATE: I am informed the group is active in Jonesboro and led by Lisa Melton.

Not to worry if you can’t make this gathering. Other NRA events are scheduled March 1 in Searcy, March 3 in DeQueen, March 10 in Fort Smith and March 24 in El Dorado. and the link tells you how to get tickets. I don’t know if they are open to questions from high school students, such as CNN’s remarkable forum last night where Sen. Marco Rubio was jeered for opposing a ban on assault weapons and politicians were encouraged to give up NRA backing.


Speaking of young people: Columbia Journalism Review rounds up here the remarkable work of student journalists in covering the Florida massacre, an effort that has contributed to more sustained interest than has marked past gun massacres.