The election filing season opened at noon today at the Capitol and a parade of familiar incumbents, including Gov. Asa Hutchinson, passed through the rotunda.

Too early to tell if Democratic recruitment efforts will produce a broader effort to close the huge Republican edge in the legislature than in recent years, but a contingent of new fraces from Northwest Arkansas was a sign of new vigor. Democratic Rep. Greg Leding of Fayetteville, hoping to take retiring Sen. Uvalde Lindsey’s Senate seat, has drawn a Republican opponent, Dawn Clemence, a pharmacy rep from Fayetteville. That should be a battleground.


Alan Hughes, president of the Arkansas State AFL-CIO, filed as a Democrat to challenge Republican incumbent Rep. Lori Rushing of Hot Springs. He lives in Bismarck.

Looking for other tidbits. In theory, you can use this form at the secretary of state website to search for candidate filings, but it’s been hit or miss for me today.


Filing continues through March 1.