Attorney General Leslie Rutledge spoke at the CPAC convention in Washington, a gathering of the far right that is beyond caricature. It was about as bad as you’d expect.

She suggested those who disagree with her agenda hate America and don’t believe in God. Stuff like that. She proudly distributed a news release on her rant against “sanctuary cities.”


“American patriots have not laid down their lives on foreign soil only to have family and friends be harmed by policies of public officials,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “This is a fight for our freedoms by defending the rule of law.”

Rutledge was tame by comparison with Donald Trump. Immigrants want to kill you, he said (speaking only metaphorically of his wife, I suppose). Vox wrote:

Trump’s CPAC speech was a fantasia on his favorite theme: Immigrants are dangerous and they want to kill you.

MS-13 are hiding out in sanctuary cities and they’re coming for you and want to kill you. “These are animals. They cut people. They cut them. They cut them up in little pieces, and they want them to suffer. And we take them into our country.”

Countries are sending bad people to the US vis the diversity visa lottery and they want to kill you. “We pick out people. Then they turn out to be horrendous. And we don’t understand why. They’re not giving us their best people, folks […] I don’t want people who drive a car at 100 miles an hour down the West Side Highway, and kill eight innocent victims and destroy the lives of 14 more.

…He even did “The Snake” — the recitation of a song that Trump repurposed as an anti-immigration parable during his campaign, in which a snake asks to be taken into a woman’s home and repays her for her charity by killing her. He all but made the crowd beg for it, as if it was an encore at a rock concert:

Somebody else wrote the speech would have hit a pitch-perfect tone during the 1930s in Germany.