The NRA has the money and patience to play the long game, but there are hopeful signs that its political stranglehold has weakened.

A raft of major companies — including now all the major car rental companies — have severed relationships with the NRA. Who wants a good brand name like Avis or Hertz sullied by association with people who’d demonize kids who’ve endured a massacre?


A Florida Republican congressman has endorsed a ban on assault weapons.

Republicans and their enablers are acting like a bunch of snowflakes because the kids won’t quit talking. My favorite:


A lecture from Laura Ingraham on civility? Plus, she managed to rebroadcast a pretty good dig of Rubio. Pwned, I think the young folks say. Chadwick also corrected Ingraham. She’s a junior.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre also sounded particularly unhinged at the CPAC gathering Thursday as he ranted about elites (he makes almost $1 million a year) and a grassroots democratic outpouring as a socialist “wave.”


Hey, Wayne, cue up Le Miz and the song of angry men (and women). Do you hear them?

It is the music of a people who are climbing to the light.

It’s not like me to be hopeful. The reflexive Arkansas political position since the 1970s, with very few exceptions, has been to vote the NRA line without question. Some candidates this year are departing from that script, notably in the 2nd Congressional District, where four Democrats seek to unseat Republican Rep. French Hill, the single biggest beneficiary of NRA money in the U.S. House. None of the Democrats get a passing grade from the NRA. This year, that might be a point of pride and something French Hill might not choose to advertise, except to those on NRA mailing lists.