Read this from Tampa newspaper: A column about the woman for whom Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was named.

It seems safe to guess the smart, brave, outspoken kids who are taking on the NRA after the slaughter at their high school would have Marjory Douglas standing with them if she were alive today.


She died at 108 after fighting to save the Everglades, for migrant laborers, for Cuban immigrants, for the ACLU, against the death penalty and lots more, particularly for the vote for women.

She penned countless columns deploring the hypocrisy of political leaders. Too many of them, she once wrote, run for office who were “obviously built to walk.”

She also knew what it was like to be snubbed by state lawmakers, as were Douglas High students recently when state House representatives voted resoundingly against considering a ban on assault weapons. In 1917, after Douglas and sister suffragists returned from a fruitless lobbying trip to the state Capitol, she remarked: “We could have been talking to a bunch of dead mackerel, for all the response we got.”

But Douglas was invigorated rather than dispirited. She returned to Tallahassee many more times to berate lawmakers for their inaction (they did not officially endorse a woman’s right to vote until 1969). She never avoided a showdown with anyone. She could “take the heat,” as she said when insults, slurs and lies were cast against her, because she believed deeply in her cause.

Great stuff. A spiritual leader for the kids if there ever was one.