The Libertarian Party of Arkansas held its nominating convention recently and came up with a slate of 33 candidates for state and local political office.

The top race is that for governor. If the party gets 3 percent of the vote in the race, it automatically qualifies for a place on the ballot as a political party along with the Republican Party and Democratic Party. Otherwise, it must gather petition signatures.


Here’s the Libertarian slate, some familiar from past elections:

Governor- Mark West
Lt. Governor- Frank Gilbert
Secretary of State- Christopher Olson
Attorney General- Kerry Hicks
Auditor of State- David Dinwiddie
Commissioner of State Lands- TJ Campbell
U.S. House 1- Elvis Presley
U.S. House 2- Joe Swafford
U.S House 3- Michael Kalagias
U.S. House 4- Tom Canada
AR State Senate 5- Lee Evans
AR State Senate 8- William Hyman
AR State Senate 10- Bobbi Hicks
AR State Senate 17- Kevin Vornheder
AR State Representative 15- Wayne Willems
AR State Representative 17- Greg Maxwell
AR State Representative 30- Mitchell Fenton
AR State Representative 35- Bill Barger
AR State Representative 46- Drew Tanner
AR State Representative 67- Sandra Richter
AR State Representative 77- Stephen Edwards
AR State Representative 80- Casey Copeland
AR State Representative 87- Justin Jones
Benton County Judge- Ronnie Smith
Benton County Justice of the Peace 3- Trina Wilson
Benton County Justice of the Peace 7- Joseph Bollinger
Benton County Justice of the Peace 8- Jeff Wadlin
Benton County Justice of the Peace 9- Cody Martin
Benton County Justice of the Peace 12- Jacob Faught
Jefferson County Justice of the Peace 1- James Hood
Pulaski County Justice of the Peace 12- Jacob Deaver
Craighead County Constable- Chris Lutterloh
Pulaski County Constable- Mark Phillips


Political filing continues today at the Capitol.