Five permits for cultivation of marijuana for medical use are to be awarded today by a state commission. There were 95 applicants.

I mentioned yesterday the shadowy work of an unidentified party to compile information about political ties, well-known people and sources of financial support in the various applications. I also mentioned that this outfit made a guess on the winners. Here’s their tout sheet.


Comprehensive Care Group
Natural State Wellness Enterprise
Heritage Farms of Eastern Arkansas
Naturalis Health

Each has an association with well-known names or fortunes, though they are hardly alone in that among applicants.


The commission meeting is at 3:30 p.m. at the ABC conference room at 1515 W. 7th. It is expected to be overflowing.

PS: It’s fair to note that applications were scored individually and then composite scores added, supposedly without knowledge of the commissioners. So the winners, in theory, will be a surprise to all.


The commissioners:

Dr. Ronda Henry-Tillman, M.D. – Chairwoman (Appointed by Governor Hutchinson)
James Miller (Appointed by Senator Dismang)
Dr. J. Carlos Roman M.D. (Appointed by Senator Dismang) (2 Year Term)
Dr. Stephen J. Carroll, PharmD. (Appointed by Representative Gillam) (2 Year Term)
Travis W. Story, Esq. (Appointed by Representative Gillam)

At least one has a work connection to a figure connected to one of the applications.