The Ozarks have always sheltered a diverse range of people — hardscrabble farmers, hillbillies, pot growers, back-to-landers, you name it. Here’s another interesting segment, detailed by KUAF’s Jacqueline Froelich in a 14-minute piece for Ozarks at Large.

From her summary:


The Purple People, members of the reclusive Nahziryah Monastic Community, live deep in the Ozarks wilderness of Marion County. Led by a self-described African American mystic, disciples and family members are required to take strict vows under his “Nazir Order of the Purple Veil.” From the outside, the 20-year-old agrarian commune dotted with purple dwellings appears almost whimsical, but ……

The Purple People have a website (mailing address St. Joe.) They have a marketplace as well selling oils, incense and meditation supplies.