At least one Democrat will challenge Republican Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s re-election bid.

He is Mike Lee, a semi-retired engineer and lawyer who teaches a products liability course at the UA-Little Rock law school.


Lee had filed for House District 31, to oppose Republican Rep. Andy Davis. But he’s withdrawing that filing to run for attorney general. That won’t be the end of opposition for Davis. Randy S. Haun filed for the seat this morning.

Lee’s statement:


“Since filing to run for a seat in the General Assembly last week, I have been inundated with calls from around the state. Scores of voters, inspired by my crusade to stand up for Arkansas’s working families, have reached out to encourage me to take my campaign statewide. With encouragement from friends and total strangers alike, I am seeking the office of attorney general.

I have the right experience to serve as attorney general and get results for all Arkansans. At the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, I led efforts to make products like cribs and strollers safer. Inside and outside the courtroom, I have worked hard to protect our children and make the law work for ordinary people.

As attorney general, I will restore the dignity of the office and put nearly forty years of legal experience to work for Arkansas families. I will fight the special interests, big businesses, and elite campaign donors who pollute our air, poison our drinking water, pilfer our natural resources, and hold our elections hostage with ‘dark money.’

I will always stand up for Arkansas’s working families. I will always fight to protect your right to vote and defend our Arkansas values. I will lead the fight to protect consumers, children, and the elderly.

My word is my bond, and I give my word – I will put Arkansans first – always.”

There’s much to use in a campaign against Rutledge, from support for polluters, against consumer protection, against women’s medical rights, against equal rights for LGBT people and much more.

Just this week, Conner Eldridge, who ran for U.S. Senate as a Democrat two years ago, gigged Rutledge for her anti-immigrant speech at the ultra-right-wing CPAC convention.


Rutledge quoted Nehemiah to defend building a wall as she criticized what she called “sanctuary cities.”  From KUAR

“Just as the story of Nehemiah in the good book, Nehemiah was called to build that wall to protect the city. We are all called to do something. Nehemiah had naysayers who told him, ‘Nehemiah get down you can’t build that wall.’ He looked at them and said, ‘oh no, I can because God called me to build this wall.’”

And while the Old Testament tells tale of Nehemiah rebuilding walls in Jerusalem, it also notes he traveled from the far-off then-capitol of Persia to get there. The Old Testament also contains examples of walls being a bad thing, as in the wall of Jericho.

UPDATE: late in the day Rutledge issued a plea for cash to oppose a candidate she said Democrats came up with from “out of nowhere.”  Kind of like when GOP fielded Leslie “do not rehire” Rutledge in 2014.