Attorney General Leslie Rutledge proudly announced today another victory for air pollution.

The U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals granted her request for a stay in an Environmental Protection Agency plan to reduce haze in the scenic national forests and Buffalo River areas by requiring scrubbers on coal-burning power plants in Arkansas.


Rutledge contends the pollution control devices would cost consumers and she contends the state was already making strides in improving visibility. The stay will give the federal agency time to review state ideas on pollution control.

The EPA drew up the plan after a successful lawsuit by the Sierra Club. The state, which is now writing a weaker plan, had previously done nothing at all. Bottom line, the Sierra Club’s Glen Hooks argues: “The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and the state attorney general are working to keep dirty, unscrubbed coal-burning power plants running longer in this state, instead of taking action that will actually lessen haze pollution and make our citizens healthier. “


Meanwhile, power companies are moving away from coal to gas and renewable sources. Rutledge cheerleads coal.