A legal ad in today’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette says the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is seeking proposals for front-door security at its headquarters in western Little Rock — armed guards specifically.

Front door armed security positions should be filled by certified law enforcement officrs who are currently employed in a full-time position at a law enforcement agency within Arkansas and in good standing with the Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Training.

Spokesman Randy Zellers said the request was part of the renewal process for their building security contract. I asked if this would be the first time armed guards might be used.


I just finished talking to our chief of operations, who handles the building security contracts. He said this is the first time we’ve actually specified “armed” in the request for proposals. They are trying to increase round-the-clock building security and employee safety. We do have wildlife officers coming and going all day, but nothing permanent at the front door or at times when people are working at night or weekends.

I asked if the new law that opens state buildings to people with the new enhanced concealed carry permits had influenced the decision. He responded:

The enhanced concealed carry law expansion wasn’t even discussed when they were adding this to the RFQ. They were just looking at ways to increase security, and are still waiting to hear back about proposals and how much it would cost before they make any final decisions. 

The topic makes me wonder how many legislators besides Sen. Trent Garner have completed the advanced permit class and are now toting in the state Capitol. Not to mention garden variety citizenry.