State Rep. Clarke Tucker of Little Rock, one of four Democratic candidates for 2nd District Congress who hope to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. French Hill, told the New York Times that he likes Conor Lamb’s approach in winning a previously Republican seat in Pennsylvania, including running against Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

From a long article about Lamb’s apparent victory and its implications for other midterm elections:


Clarke Tucker, a Democratic state legislator in Arkansas who is challenging Representative French Hill, a Republican, said on Wednesday that he took Mr. Lamb’s victory as a validation of a throw-the-bums-out message he planned to deliver in his own race. Campaigning in a seat that includes Little Rock and its suburbs, Mr. Tucker said he seldom spoke about Mr. Trump and announced up front that he would not back Ms. Pelosi.

Mr. Tucker, who was aggressively recruited by the D.C.C.C., said that he had told Democrats in Washington that he was “very frustrated with the leadership of the House in both parties” and that no one attempted to dissuade him from delivering that message.

“That district is a lot like the one I’m running in,” Mr. Tucker said of Mr. Lamb’s seat. “I think voters are interested in changing the leadership in Washington.”

Lamb avoided gun control, but otherwise was a conventional Democratic candidate. He criticized the Republican tax cut bill and endorsed the Affordable Care Act, among others.