Paul Spencer, one of the Democratic candidates for 2nd District Congress, proposed an economic plan this week that’s big on government investment, a reach in these Republican-majority times.

Already behind Medicare for all; a $15/hr. minimum wage; paid family, leave and campaign finance reform, Spencer adds:


* Postoffice banking with free checking and savings accounts and low-interest loans, plus free legal and accounting services.

* High-speed Internet connectivity in every home and breakup of Internet service provider monopolies, including restrictions on municipal broadband.


*  Medicare and Medicaid payments to farmers who provide fresh fruits and vegetables prescribed by doctors for healthier lives.

* A federally funded program to encourage black businesses and communities.


* Guaranteed affordable housing and a tenant bill of rights.

* Forgiveness of existing student debt with the government taking over payment of private student loans.

No free beer. At least not yet.

Other Democrats seeking nomination to oppose Republican incumbent Rep. French Hill are Gwen Combs, Jonathan Dunkley and state Rep. Clarke Tucker